How to Apply

Looking for a rental apartment in Kotka? Here’s how to apply for an apartment

Applying for an Apartment and Making a Lease Agreement


You can easily apply for a rental apartment from Kotkan Asunnot by filling out an online application (choose the English form at the right bottom corner of the page).

You can also download the PDF form, print it, fill it out, and return it to our office. Paper forms are available at our customer service and the Kotka city service point, Ruori.

The apartment application is valid for 3 months. You can renew the application before its validity period ends if you wish.

Apartment Offer and Viewing

We make apartment offers daily to applicants with a valid application. Please wait for our contact. When an apartment that matches your preferences becomes available, you will receive an offer via email. We also send a reminder text message. If you do not have an email, you will receive the offer by mail.

Arrange a viewing of the apartment with the contact mentioned in the offer. Inform our customer service whether you accept the apartment. If you do not want to accept the apartment, inform us so we can offer it to another applicant quickly.

Security Deposit and Lease Agreement

If you wish to rent the offered apartment, pay the security deposit with the details provided in the offer. You can also apply for a guarantee from Kela or social services. Note that obtaining a guarantee may take up to two weeks.

We can make the lease agreement once the security deposit is paid, and you have provided the requested attachments mentioned in the offer. You can sign the lease at our office or electronically with your bank credentials.

If you cannot send the attachments electronically and will sign the agreement at our office, bring the requested attachments and the security deposit receipt with you.

Once the lease agreement is made, you can arrange for the door opening with the building’s maintenance company. Be prepared to present the lease agreement and ID to the person opening the door. You will receive your keys during the door opening.

Also, check out our frequently asked questions (in Finnish) for answers to many housing-related issues.