Laundry Room Instructions

Most of our houses have a laundry room which residents can use for free. Please follow these instructions to ensure fair use and that all residents can take turns reserving the most popular laundry times.

Laundry shifts are reserved in the reservation book found in the laundry room. The washing machines operate only between 7 am and 9 pm.

10 Golden Rules for the Laundry Room

    1. Laundry time is from 7 am to 9 pm.
    2. Write your name and apartment number clearly in the reservation book.
    3. Reserve a maximum of a 4-hour period at a time.
    4. A maximum of 3 shifts can be booked at a time for the following weeks/months. Two shifts cannot be booked consecutively.
    5. The laundry room is only for residents living in the building.
    6. Do not wash carpets in the washing machine.
    7. Avoid perfumed detergents.
    8. Hang the laundry to dry as soon as the washing program is finished.
    9. Collect the dry laundry when your shift is ending so that the space is free for the next user.
    10. Clean up after yourself (e.g., dust detergent cans, etc.)

    Have a nice laundry time!