Termination of Lease Agreement

The lease agreement must always be terminated in writing. You can submit the termination notice electronically using the Finnish form below or download a PDF (in Finnish or English), fill it out, and return it to our customer service. Paper forms are available from our customer service.

The notice period is one full calendar month. The period begins from the last day of the month of notification. For example, if you terminate the lease agreement on the 15th of September, the notice period starts on the 30th of September, and the lease agreement terminates on the 31st of October.

If the lease agreement has been signed by two individuals, we require termination notices from both either on the same form or separately.

If you prefer to fill out the notice by hand, you can download the PDF from here, complete it, and return it to our customer service. Also, download the handy mover’s memo!

Lease Termination Notice

When we receive your electronic notice, we will send you a confirmation via email. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.