The Most Important Contact Information for Your Building

Maintenance Companies

  • Always make maintenance requests directly to the maintenance company.
  • Urgent matters (water leaks, electrical faults) should always be reported to the emergency number.
  • If you’re unsure about the maintenance company for your building, check it in the table below.

Kotkan Kiinteistöpalvelu
24/7 Emergency: 0500 607 350
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Suulisniemen huolto
24/7 Emergency: 0400 553 713
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Property Managers

  • The property manager answers questions about building or apartment renovations, living disturbances, and resident activities.
  • Note: Submit maintenance requests directly to your building’s maintenance company, not the property manager.

Property Managers Contact Information:
Matti Heinonen
tel. 040 689 5530,
Aila Henriksson
tel. 040 124 3333,
Pia Rimpeläinen
tel. 040 732 9179,

Emergency Plan

  • You can find the link to your building’s emergency plan in the table by your address.
  • Familiarize yourself with the plan in advance to remember the procedures in case of an emergency.

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