Rules of Conduct for Kotkan Asunnot Oy

The rules have been in effect since January 1, 2013.

1 § Common Facilities and Outdoor Areas

Maintain cleanliness and good order in common facilities and outdoor areas. Dispose of rubbish and cigarette ends in appropriate waste containers. Do not damage lawns and plants. Avoid noise in common facilities. Smoking and loitering in common facilities are prohibited. Ensure locked doors are re-locked after use. Affix signs and advertisements only with the consent of Kotkan Asunnot Oy.

Users of common laundry rooms, drying rooms, and saunas must leave the premises tidy. For fire safety, items may only be stored in designated facilities. Storing flammable substances and devices with internal combustion engines in storage rooms and garages is prohibited. Mopeds and similar devices can be stored indoors only if the fuel is completely removed.

When smoking on the property, consider the health and comfort of other residents. Avoid smoking near doorways and areas where smoke may drift and disturb others.

2 § Apartments

Neighbors must not be disturbed in apartments. Avoid noise between 10 PM and 7 AM. Take good care of apartments and report any defects such as water leaks. Do not place waste that may block or damage sewers into drains. Regularly clean ventilation outlets, floor drains, and grease filters. Do not make modifications or repairs without consent from Kotkan Asunnot Oy. Tenants are liable for damage caused by smoking.

3 § Waste Management

Place household waste and rubbish in appropriate bags and dispose of them in waste containers. Comply with waste sorting regulations. Transport hazardous waste and large items (e.g., furniture) yourself. Recycling and proper waste sorting are in the common interests of all residents.

4 § Pets

Keep pets on a leash outside apartments and ensure they do not disturb other residents. Do not walk pets in or near children’s playgrounds. Prevent pets from fouling buildings and property areas. Do not feed birds from balconies or in yard areas.

5 § Balconies and Apartment-Specific Yard Areas

Keep balconies clean and free of snow in winter. Do not wash balconies with running water. Do not dust rugs or throw rubbish from balconies. Use only electric grills for barbecuing on balconies. Installing additional antennas, such as satellite dishes, requires consent from Kotkan Asunnot Oy.

Do not hang items outside balcony railings or install anything extending beyond the railing line. Maintain and clean any apartment-specific yard areas.

6 § Dusting

Dust rugs only in designated places on weekdays. Avoid dusting rugs at times that may disturb other residents.

7 § Traffic in Yard Areas and Parking

Park vehicles only in designated areas. Do not keep wrecked vehicles in yard or parking areas. Vehicle holders are responsible for transporting their vehicles away from the property. Avoid idling and unnecessary use of motor vehicles. Do not wash cars in yard areas. Keep the cover of the car heating socket locked, and do not leave cables hanging. Kotkan Asunnot Oy is not liable for electrical accidents or damages caused by using heating sockets. Do not use vehicle interior heaters or connect multiple vehicles to one socket.

8 § Violation of Rules

Violation of these rules may result in liability for damages or termination of the rental agreement. Residents are also bound by the rental agreement, Public Order Act, and general laws and regulations.