Rent Payment to Kotkan Asunnot

The rent payment due date is the 2nd day of each month. You will receive the rent payment invoice when we make the lease agreement. You can pay the rent for each month using the same invoice details throughout the year. We will send you the invoice for the following year towards the end of the year.

Remember to pay the rent by the due date! Inquire with your bank about the most convenient way to handle monthly recurring payments. Kotkan Asunnot does not offer direct debit services.

If You Are Unable to Pay Rent

If you are unable to pay the rent by the due date, please contact our customer service. We can extend the due date if you have no previous rent arrears. The due date can be extended for a maximum of 3 consecutive months. If you encounter prolonged difficulties in paying the rent promptly, contact our housing advisor to negotiate a payment plan.

If the rent is not paid on time, you will receive a payment reminder from the collection agency. In that case, you must pay the rent and reminder costs to the collection agency (Revire) using the invoice they send. At this stage, we cannot negotiate a payment plan with you; you can only discuss it with the collection agency.

If the rent arrears accumulate or the rent remains unpaid repeatedly, eviction or termination of the lease may be imminent. Eviction always results in a mark on your credit history.

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