Mover's Checklist

When you’re moving out, it’s important to clean the apartment thoroughly and return the keys to the location specified by the landlord. To assist you with your move, we’ve created a handy downloadable mover’s memo. On one side of the memo, you’ll find a checklist for cleaning, and on the other side, you’ll find other important reminders. Additional instructions for cleaning appliances can be found in the resident guide (in Finnish).

Ensure that the apartment is cleaned according to the memo and that all keys are returned. After your move, an inspection will be conducted to assess the condition and cleanliness of the apartment, and the keys will be counted. The security deposit will be refunded if the apartment has not been intentionally damaged, it has been cleaned, and all keys have been returned.

You can mark off tasks on the memo with a checkmark when cleaning or completing other tasks related to the move. This will help keep things organized amidst the hustle and bustle of moving.