Parking Rules

Updated 26.4.2024

These rules apply to parking spaces, garage spaces, and carport spaces.

Reserving and Queuing for a Parking Space

  • Kotkan Asunnot Oy (hereinafter referred to as the landlord) maintains a reservation and waiting list for parking spaces. Available parking spaces can be inquired about through customer service. The rent for the parking space is added to the tenant’s rent invoice. Kotkan Asunnot reviews the rental price annually.
  • Parking spaces are primarily intended for the vehicles (cars or motorcycles) of residents or those working in the business premises of the building. If there are available spaces, they can also be rented to residents of neighboring buildings (buildings owned by Kotkan Asunnot) if the parking spaces in their own building are reserved.
  • A tenant may have more than one parking space per apartment if there are enough spaces available for all interested parties. If a tenant moving in or already living in the building without a parking space wishes to rent one, a lottery will be conducted among tenants holding two parking spaces. Based on the lottery, the landlord has the right to terminate the tenant’s second parking space.
  • Tenants cannot exchange parking spaces among themselves. Any exchange must be agreed upon with the landlord.
  • A tenant who has rented a parking space cannot sublet the space.

Allocation of Parking Spaces with Charging Capability

  • Charging spaces are primarily intended for residents with an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.
  • Parking spaces with charging capability will be converted into actual charging spaces as the need arises. Changes will be made in numerical order from smallest to largest.
  • If a parking space with charging capability is reserved for a resident who does not need a charging space, the resident must give up the space. Kotkan Asunnot will offer a substitute parking space if available.
  • If no substitute parking space is available, the resident giving up the parking space will move to the top of the waiting list.
  • Owners of electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles take priority in the waiting list for spaces with charging capability installed.
  • If a resident has two parking spaces, they must give up the charging-capable space if necessary, deviating from the previously mentioned numerical order.
  • Vacant charging spaces can be rented as regular parking spaces until a tenant needing a charging space is found. At that point, the current tenant must give up the space.

Use and Maintenance of Parking Spaces

  • The tenant is responsible for snow removal and de-icing of their parking space.
  • The landlord takes care of snow removal and de-icing of the driveways.
  • Avoid idling and unnecessary use of vehicles.
  • Minor repairs and tire changes on the premises are allowed. Oil changes are not permitted. Repairs must not pose any danger to the environment or inconvenience to the neighbors. Washing vehicles on the premises is prohibited.
  • The landlord is not liable for any damages to the vehicle caused by third parties.
  • Non-roadworthy vehicles cannot be stored in the parking space. The vehicle owner is responsible for the cost of removal of such vehicles.

Car Heating and Charging Electric/Hybrid Vehicles

  • The cover of the heating pole/socket must be kept locked. The cord should not be left hanging from the pole. The property manager has the right to remove any cord left hanging.
  • To avoid overloading, the socket must not be used for a vehicle’s interior heater nor should multiple vehicles be connected to a single socket.
  • Charging of hybrid and electric vehicles is only permitted from dedicated charging stations. Charging from a regular heating socket is prohibited.
  • The tenant is responsible for obtaining charging and heating cables.
  • The landlord sets the times for electricity distribution to charging points.
  • The landlord is not liable for any accidents or damages that may result from the use of heating and charging sockets.

Termination of a Parking Space Reservation

  • The termination period for both parties is one calendar month. The parking space must be vacated and left clean. The tenant must return the keys to the building’s maintenance company. The cost of replacing or rekeying unreturned keys will be charged to the tenant.
  • The landlord may terminate the parking space and re-rent it in the event of rule violations.
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