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Safe, cosy and affordable rented housing in Kotka

Kotkan Asunnot Oy offers rented housing ranging from small apartments of one bedroom and kitchenette in apartment buildings to apartments of four rooms and kitchen in terraced houses. Kotkan Asunnot has rented apartments in different parts of Kotka, available at reasonable rental prices.

How to apply for housing

You can apply for housing from Kotkan Asunnot through the following means:

  • directly on the internet
  • by filling out a PDF form and returning it to our office
  • by filling out a form at our office or at customer service point Ruori of the City of Kotka.

Housing application (www, in Finnish)
Housing application form (pdf, in English)
Housing application form (pdf, in Finnish)

Before applying you can read more information about the areas and apartments (in Finnish).

Getting to know the apartment

When we have found a suitable apartment for you, we will send you a text message, e-mail message or letter. The message contains information on the apartment and whom you can contact if you wish to see the apartment first. In many cases, the apartment will be presented by its current occupant or the janitorial service company. Visit the apartment first, and then please let our office know whether you take the apartment or not.

Signing of tenancy agreement

The tenancy agreement is signed at our office. When the tenancy agreement comes into force, the janitorial service company will give you the keys to your new home. Do not terminate your previous housing before we have confirmed your new rented home!

Rent collateral

Before signing the tenancy agreement, you must pay the rent collateral to us. Depending on your previous rent payment history, the amount of the rent collateral corresponds to one or two month’s rent or at least 350 euros. Alternatively, you can deliver a payment commitment given by the social services (from 1 January 2017 onwards a commitment given by Kela). A receipt must be presented of the payment of the rent collateral.

We will refund the rent collateral to you after the tenancy agreement has finished, when the rents have been paid in accordance with the agreement, when the apartment is clean after moving out and if the apartment has not been damaged intentionally or due to negligence.

Rules and tips for housing

Rules and regulations
Tips for residents

Welcome to our office to ask for more information!